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Cast Iron Cauldron: 4" diameter Triquetra

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Decorated with the three points of the Triquetra, this cauldron is a powerful representation of the Goddess, as well as creation and rebirth within and through your mystical arts.

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An adorable little cauldron! The design is well formed, and it's sturdy and steady, though I'll agree with the other review that the legs are a little sharp. I'll be needing to purchase either a larger tile to go underneath it or a trivet to be safe. I will say that I wish the handle had some sort of wood or other "heat proof" kind of detailing to it to make it easier to move while working with, but it's not a deal breaker. A great cauldron for newcomers!
Love this little cauldron! This little cauldron is a perfect size for a working cauldron, yet not so large and heavy it cannot be transported easily. I like that it is lidded and the craftsmanship is sturdy. The 3 legs are a bit sharp on the bottom so take care if you don't put a trivet or tile underneath it when working to avoid marring any surface it may be standing on.
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